Outrageous Customer Service

Plowzandmowz Customer Service

I heard about Plowz&Mowz through my Nextdoor neighborhood social network. Plowz&Mowz works a lot like Uber.

-Download the app.
-Pick your service
-Pick your day of service
-Answer a couple of questions about your lawn.
-They give you a price.
-They assign the work
-They show up and voila! your lawn is mowed and they send you a picture of the your completed service.

Best of all, it’s on demand. No more contracts with lawn peeps, waiting on no-shows, etc. Cool, right? I tried it, it worked! Loved the Plowz&Mowz so much that I parted ways with my landscape company. I placed another service order.

Fast-forward to my next scheduled day of service and I get a call from Plowz&Mowz. And a follow up email. All around noon CST on my scheduled day. The email exchange goes like this:

Bob: Thank you for your order.
Per my voicemail your provider has not returned any of our calls so we are thinking he never mowed your lawn? Please let me know so I can take immediate action on this matter.

Me: Not sure, not home. Can you let you know when I get home.

Bob: My assumption is not as this provider has not showed up to two others so we have terminated him. I am working on finding someone to mow this week.

Nothing from me as I was in a meeting.

Bob: I have a provider on standby for Friday May 8th due to rain backing up orders and grass to be dry. Let me know if this works.

Well, yeah that works!

The fella from Plowz&Mowz writing this email exchange with me is Bob Dolittle. This entire email exchange happened in less than 24 hours. I’m so excited by Bob’s level of customer service and commitment to the Plowz&Mowz brand, I can’t wait to get this post written. Why?


Bob solved the problem before I even knew there was a problem.
Bob found a solution before I had to ask for a solution.

Bob’s email signature line says he’s in Syracuse, NY. Here I am all the way down in Texas. And I’m one customer who has only spent $45 thus far.

Now Bob has a devoted fan. And Plowz&Mowz will have my business forever and ever.

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