97inc Is Seeking a Unique Sales and Marketing Individual to Join Our Team

97 Incubator, also referred to as 97inc., is a division of 97 Degrees West, the Brand Marketing agency based in Austin, Texas. 97inc. was founded in 2012 after the agency recognized numerous prospect inquiries from small business and entrepreneurial ventures desiring marketing/branding expertise with limited budgets and short time frames for implementation. 97inc’s sweet spot addresses the need in the market above the DIY crowd and below the full service marketing agency crowd. The division...

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Buyer Persona

Who is your customer? Before you begin any marketing initiative, no matter the size, how well you know your customer will determine the success (or failure) of your effort. So, before you spend any of those marketing dollars, lets create your buyer persona! Most will say “I know my customer, I need sales! I need to market now!” But how well do you really know your customer? Answer the following questions, and you have created...
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97 Degrees West Launches 97incubator

Austin, Texas – May 10, 2013 — 97 Degrees West, an international award winning branding, marketing and digital firm, launches 97incubator (www.97incubator.com), a division of the company that will focus solely on small businesses, small budgets and quick turnaround times. With a belief that all businesses, no matter their size, should have access to professional branding and marketing services, Vera Fischer, President of 97 Degrees West, came up with a new business plan — 97incubator....
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