Taking Hope Out Of The Sales Process

We’re coming up on the half way mark of 2017. Most of us in sales and marketing are looking at our numbers for year-to-date and what type of push we need to make our goal (or stretch goal) for the year. The days of “handshakes” and the multiple variations of those ‘handshakes’ are coming to an abrupt end in many industries. Our sales teams are dealing with unknown influencers, the procurement office and competition from larger...
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Outrageous Customer Service

I heard about Plowz&Mowz through my Nextdoor neighborhood social network. Plowz&Mowz works a lot like Uber. -Download the app. -Pick your service -Pick your day of service -Answer a couple of questions about your lawn. -They give you a price. -They assign the work -They show up and voila! your lawn is mowed and they send you a picture of the your completed service. Best of all, it’s on demand. No more contracts with lawn...
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Social Media Is Not A Marketing Strategy

“What’s your marketing strategy?” “We’re on Facebook and Twitter.” When clients visit with me, this is what I hear all the time. While Facebook and Twitter have become ubiquitous in marketing circles, and for good reason, it is not a strategy. It’s a tactic. Not sure what the difference is between strategy and tactic? Keep reading! Any marketing campaign has to start with an objective (goal). What is it you want to accomplish? Is it...
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